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Chapter 14

ANTH 203 Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Andre Gunder Frank, Import Substitution Industrialization, Neoliberalism

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ANTH 203
Naotaka Hayashi

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absolute poverty
level of income below what is required to have a decent
standard of living
in twentieth century South Africa, the oicial policy of
separating races within society legally and socially
in dependency/world system theory, the states that
make up the power-centre of the world system, the rich
industrial states and former colonizers
dependent accumulation
according to Andre Gunder Frank, the process by which
colonialism and capitalism extracted the wealth from
non-Western colonies rendering them poor and
a form of directed change in which a state tries to
change is integral economy and society, and/or foreign
states/institutions try to change it to promote economic
growth, industrialize and urbanize it, and achieve a
higher standard of living for inhabitants
development policy
the priorities and decisions set by a state or by
development agencies to achieve goals
development project
a speci%c activity or task settled upon to achieve goals
of a development policy; often including transportation,
energy, agriculture, and resettlement
diseases of development
lifestyle-related diseases that are common in
developed/industrial societies, and increasingly common
in developing societies, such as heart disease, high
blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
%rst world
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