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University of Calgary
ENGG 349
Craig Johansen

'l|!^^r* 21 cl.s,t, Chapter11,Problem reaand StartingfromO wt! theparticleen v=24 tnls' yareexpressed m/s-nd m/s,espe^ctively.;r; (a)theo.iii-*i ifjfr"peedftheparticlen x= 40,m' A=VrJgd\{ cBf\.{.\ r''l B d{ Jua'=Jor o effiu* L'{6t h:v c,Lt,t: t"lo v ,O B{D .. ffn.lA\J ,-,.I n'VX Ye.-1ua lo * {-qlFG. =o e C'4o) : o{x fv \4q mil^- u6+ql -- ? : 3J -: '-CI'8K Grr,tq Js /r*^tlrsq4^ Y: t}'9rn (,lv'*Lt r( \/'+v4 = tq:L -rtq '/ I u.116o- V = "E'3c"*lS ofCalgarY Lepingi:niversitY 2012NGG349 Chapter 11,Problem 30 The accelerationetogravitofa particfallingwardtheearth i,q=-gRzlr2,whereris thdistanceomthecenterf theartho theparticle, the radiofthe earth, and the acceleration $avltytthesurfacef thearth.R =3960mi, calculateescape velocity,t is, the mfrom thsurfacef the earthiis ntot pretum the earth.ifiv=0 forr=q.) I o.= v - - JR? #* f2^ j" ,i" = f^3E(>l. a 4 -3R"J#*'^ \{-" ' t\ Gf iV=O Of a)r:F,v:Ve , \ voto : n?-'f+l- S-')* 6 lve JK c.z y= tl ,1-'< lA 3F'fo O' .---:'-1 Ve: ,,tr-Sf'' ,(:3Q&on* 7t?1rc+h 78", \-\ elw..y (7) yt o3.{*/ s : 3a.+ LepingiUniversity Calgary 2012ENGG349 Chapter 11Problem44 *{"*,n^, each othinadjacent highway Atnes. t=0,A an-Bare1kmapart,eispeeds arevA-108kfi/hndv,=63km/h,and KnowinthaIipassPoinOr40.aftBrely. nl'"- "--rr* .---*-l was there and.BhatsePoinP 42s - -- nlun afteA wastheredetermi(D))the -&* thevehiclesseacother,cthespeed of at that time. - \P* o*4'-d t20 , - V4: nnlt 'Js:g'S,.fS ^\ :;l , oL', *'.iryt5 ffiY;q" X:KoJuo{"} {&n)'t *{ ast < x4 -ftA) $00), { + ro ,' Xrr =(xE)' " } aucla)' bow', - 0 4 i* o* (1o*1? * FeElrro,) '"'":; : : t:liYa)' Ga_:_-o J:T,f"" q eflu&e'&'rj{;s''ta^> .) ()'(xl)-tft ^+ {St-")-btl)'^ O h^ra!^d.. *?) r XI+XP t s11;rn y"l=(un)oL r| 4nt.2 J_ go-V _s I C'r 'J^ (v x/') {V il'{-u}art' [ [ (u^t t t * 0"{+"{vd"t -iJo pLo=lccDH " -roL * 5 fors)t' + Fst **&'3)t2= lcoo c) U1.,an\l(,'n)o =(o.t)ro s + lr.l : &3 ) r*lS , E{ ,S \_,../a LepiLi:University of Calgary 201ENGG349 Chapter1,Problem8 acceleration.ng after sblockhas movedmm itsnt velocity1{ldetermineheacceleraofLailE1b|the velocand the cinngeitofBaftes. clrn 6. ,) Xn +$rs ='Lorrlrfa-ln'\CA +3a.tr :O Vh + 3vF FO 6Y= oon*tan* '!d7ffi, (vu)o - o, -'.(vn)" = 0 o V,-- @ea(x-X)6 )k"; r/\_ a(x aA* W)"[email protected]"sf) d(o a) a{o*lr -lo (Lv: -ts 5 CEW\ t VE = Gst tlr*o : ^b ug to+ Ca) 3"\^lr (ct'o'") 11" .o rfu Yu= r*^L" (c,'t+faJ = b Leping:University of Calgary 201ENGG349 ,re Chapter1,roblem45 )uq Car ahighway,d cars traveling \ inthsouthboundneta constant speed60mi/h.t,=0,Istartsd at=5s,Bbeginsslowownwitale constantelerationnrtudel6- l: othern294fradvA:vB,etermine (atheaccelerationbwhenthe t.o li.s-44 rAsoq{+ vehicless eother,heistance U4)p=O d vn.UB betweeneehicles=0. o,..1t=C:; **qt' -+ !h --Gat + V^=g#tr:-\aAb a Xo,ffi.Afrt xe "Jant' ncr-f!=9. ., (t*) vos-.W -r(!e)"t + Xu.' SsJl '1!"t- Vu -(ve)o + ap Ce f) ,'tc\s'-ff ou,;}aYt, in*trscit. lr^r$T; _ vn --Vr t*# GaL = eY + (-q:)Ct-s; =+ cqt + "Qd =&P T Toat- $ i-.(rC - *oe =19'-4 Xe= t G{t' r--1- $oa^aLtl 'aF 4a3rz -Gx%rc -&tr=o ; y a Lt\rngoir,adrutrtfe'*sion =) A* YB z -_e)/l :// x::'-f-cv:g0T)1ltm,ffi , lrl} ',1 -(\ -subsr..d..O+"Cr @ u ryJrr (Ej)=*l\ t =* *(#)x-f ' ay 13e '\ * = D VoMc&-i A ^ B t - Lz =&; ,l ,*., Yn'\ wi\\iag5?c,h 1>e .:*d.rr ta{ n.*r] I ;[email protected] cr-\? ) 2 by by - {?Ox t $8 }LepingLi:universityorcalgary 2012 [email protected] 17:00Courseutline) Gac + ' t2 o_\UehiciL LL FJ, A ir\2.{"tlsz =: c'6{=Xn+Xp ..t }Y -Jq,.{ + + Cte)(a) +J (q) (tI] f+v, :Jct..+ + i]C - q] [lV" : qo G_[+ -1\ .lri5r,.**t.\rr.rtr-r.Lull* 6 i: . P".B Chapter 11,Problem 52 Inthepositionown,collarmoves downwardwitha velo-c1t.13-T'tDetermine (athevelocityfcollar] (bthevelocityfportion oftheca6[@the relative I* i J"to.itvporiion oftheablewithespecto collar 5 j 2Yr tYn * (Ys-Yn) c'e,',+' l JYp+Yt=crr'5+ :l aVe +VA = D Ys-Yn i B$- V* = -Jvg { \s a) VA = -a (Yai"/') * 2 )Lli"l.g -- ,qtnl; Cug) C of cabta D N{r& fu c''trs'drc)q $c 1cr-tion pYA -l ls = Censl " t\a +Vc: o Vc : -JVa : L{B i^lg (d--J = -l (-Jr{irfu) Vcts Vc -vB ") t8 ln/1 - \?in1i : SGln tS (d""D LePingi:UniversitYCalgarY 2012NGG349 L01-{Mdueonoctober @ 17:00seCourseufline) Chapter11Problem55 Block moves downwwithaconstant vel",$1n-.. andffvelocl$!-mmZsXnowinghateon3-;y16blocCtiffii hamoved57mm to the right, determinefooslider l,block-aatJqr)thaccileratiInandC,c)thchangin positofblockaft5s. Vg.Jornrn /s U r Va ---1o,.n11 Cco^r+'a) (o,ur")'ag=o *r-+r7 q -*(on^n/e ,,t 3YA i YF + X6 *c''r'bl-a;'* 3V,q n'lVg 'JVc :D ( * o 36{6 + '{Cte 4"-t a) Iq{." z?3o) + 't(2")tvc:o Vc . 1or*,!s C-gt+l) b) X, . (x;){r &")"t -r $a.t' elrn". .= (o**(r)C3t)^ jctc(si)z Act ctn,,.]s'6r.5,.*) 30+ 11,8+ & =D t : A 6dH' ) Ga -7 *r1s -,-1,' o) Xa .(Xn..) o -rQn). L "t+ c,4 t2 (ss) Xo fq)" = !orn^/r + dc*,""../r)(se")',- - la-s iY\n 2 LepinLiUniversity of Calgary 201ENGG349 Chapter11Problem58 @ G+ .3t'ii"1rz,(,.{r) tI CollarsndB startomrest, and collarupwarwithn IS constantelerationtits velocityL*1temovin32 in., determinehe accelerationC,Dthe distance through bloCwillave moved as.er 3 vr9* AYt +Ll\'fcaYb.rr.,r+ eve +Qt/c+Vc =o x*')J't" V6z: )43tr eeA I rleqr0r:O e$ + g&e(*-6 Vp' =W 4 Gc = -esL (8)": ?Gp (=a) q iv'/Se(cbwr) Qv = 1 Ll dt&{ t"I
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