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PSYC 2650
Anneke Olthof

Cognitive psychology: Chapter 1 - our understanding of stories and conversations depends on memory - HM o Amnesia patient, o No problem remembering events prior to surgery, couldn’t recall any event after surgery o Had no sense of self because he had no memory of what he is - considered the scientific study of acquisition, retention, use of knowledge History - Wundt and Titcheners o Conscious mental events (thoughts, feelings, perceptions) o Introspect- look into our own lives o some thoughts are unconscious therefore introspection was limited o no way of testing claims - behaviorism o observable, measurable and recordable o record pattern behaviour o provides base for “learning theory” o realized this is no good either because people act based on how they understand and interpret the situation, not by the things they say or do o need to examine what the stimuli means to the individual Roots of Cognitive Revolution - Immanuel Kant o Transcendental method  Begin with observable facts and work backward from these observations  “how could these observations have come about?” what is the underlying cause that led to the effects  sometimes called the inference to best explanation and is the heart of modern science Working Memory - memory you use for information ou are actively working on - holds info at an accessible form so the info is at your fingertips - can test working memory’s capacity with a span test o person is read a list of items and the person has to repeat them back o start with 4 letters, if they repeat back move to 5 letters and so on until you reach a number of letters that they can no longer repeat back - realized that working memory has several diff
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