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U OF GSOC 2760Robert ShearerWinter

SOC 2760 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-5: Mental Disorder, Edwin Sutherland, Subculture

OC39517815 Page
26 Apr 2017
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U OF GCIS 1000Zoe ZhuFall

Intro to Computer Applications.docx

OC2544935 Page
23 Nov 2012
Chapter 1: why computers matter to you: becoming computer literate. Computer literate: being familiar enough with computers that you understand their c
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U OF GPSYC 2740Stephen LewisWinter

Personality (Psych 2740) Chapter Summaries.docx

OC13984899 Page
15 Aug 2013
Features of personality make people different from one another, and these features usually take the form of adjectives. Trait-descriptive adjectives: a
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U OF GECON 1050Eveline AdomaitFall

All Econ chapter Notes.docx

OC13904223 Page
4 Sep 2013
It is the decrease in the quantity produced of one good divided by the increase in the quantity produced of another good as we move along the productio
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U OF GPSYC 2330Francesco LeriWinter

Principles of Learning (Psych 2330) Chapter Summaries

OC13984861 Page
15 Aug 2013
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U OF GFRHD 2100Tuuli KukkonenFall

FRHD 2100 Chapter Notes - Chapter All: Antibody, Menarche, Sexual Stimulation

OC39444061 Page
23 Jan 2015
At first, women looked at as sole contributors to reproduction. Phallic worship penis a symbol of power. Roles of genes, hormones, nervous system, and
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U OF GECON 2560Nancy BowerWinter

ECON 2560 Chapter 1-18: Course Notes

OC634245102 Page
23 Mar 2017
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U OF GPOLS 2250Nanita MohanWinter


OC2598064 Page
10 Apr 2012
Technology and more aggressive media now make public servants much more open to the public. Despite this disruptions and changes, public servants remai
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U OF GECON 1050Eveline AdomaitFall


OC1888702 Page
25 Nov 2013
The complicated world of economics, as well as the endless ideas and concepts behind it, become rather entertaining and quite informative in this easy
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U OF GPOLS 2300Nanita MohanWinter

Final Chapter Summaries – POLS 2300.docx

OC26738139 Page
4 Nov 2014
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U OF GPSYC 3850Carol Anne HendrySummer

Intellectual Disabilities (PSYC 3850) Chapter Summaries

OC13984878 Page
15 Aug 2013
Before 1800 having intellectual disabilities was not considered an urgent social problem, instead those with severe disabilities were either killed or
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U OF GBIOM 3200Nicole CampbellWinter

BIOM 3200 Chapter Notes -Resting Potential, Schwann Cell, Axoplasmic Transport

OC27081150 Page
14 Apr 2014
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