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Chapter 6

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Stephen Lewis

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Genetics in Personality The Human Genome Genome refers to the complete set of genes an organism possesses the human genome contains between 20000 and 30000 genes all located in our 23 pairs of chromosomes The nucleus of each cell within the body contains two complete sets of the human genome one from the mother and one from the father except red blood cells which do not contain any genes and the female egg cellsmale sperm cell contains only one copy of the human genome We have roughly 100 trillion cells so 1000 trillion copies of the human genome are within our body 1 important finding Although the number of genes humans possess is similar to the number of genes estimated for mice and worms the manner in which human genes get decoded into proteins turn out to be far more variable than in other speciesThe alternate forms of decoding create a tremendous variety of proteins 2 important finding these proteincoding genes make up roughly 2 percent of the human genome are only part of the story The other 98 was considered genetic junk because scientists believed these parts were functionless but researchers are now discovering that this is not junk Parts of these chunks of DNA have an impact on humans potentially affecting everything from a persons physical size to personality Many parts with names such as pseudogenes and riboswitchesHuman Genome Project research dedicated to the sequencing of human genome June 2000 scientists announced they had completed the first draft of the complete human genome Controversy About Genes and Personality Most of thecontroversy in personality psychology is in behavioral genetics Researchers in this field attempt to determine the degree to which individual differences in personality are caused by genetic and environmental differencesMany people worry that findings from behavioral genetics will be used or misused to support particular political agendas ex with trill seeking should we not hold a teen responsible for stealing cars for joy rides Another part of the controversy concerns the idea of eugenicsEugenics is the notion that we can design the future of the human species by fostering the reproduction of persons with certain traits and by discouraging the reproduction of persons without those traits might create a master racepsychologists maintain that genetic findings need not lead to the evil consequences that some worry about Goals of Behavioral Genetics Genetic differences can also account for some of the differences in height
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