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Chapter 1

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PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 1 - Introduction  Application of principles and concepts of psychology to sport must be evidence-based - based on good science o Differs from the common sense approach typically used by lay people (coaches, athletes, parents, fans, and media). Rely on hindsight, or selective choosing of facts which are consistent with their speculations, to explain why certain athletes or teams have success or failure  Sport psychology is discipline that depends on many areas of psychology, e.g. developmental, clinical & personality, perception, learning & cognition, social, organizational behavior, & psychometric measurement  Licensed/certified sport psychologists and sport psychology consultants attempt to apply what is known about the psychology of human behavior to better describe, understand, explain, predict, and improve the performance and enrichment of experience of athletes and coaches  Many myths associated with sport psychology: o Only athletes or exercisers with serious mental problems need a sport or exercise psychologist  Some athletes have mental health problems, but vast majority of sport participants who confer with educational sport psychologists, clinical sport psychologists, and sport consultants are normal individuals  Seek assistance in developing competencies, e.g. coping skills to deal with ever- present pressures, assistance on
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