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Chapter 4

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3480
Dan Yarmey

UNIT 4 SKILL ACQUISITION ANXIETY AND AROUSALCHAPTER 5PAGES 111137CHAPTER 12 PAGES 312318CHAPTER 5 ANXIETY IN SPORT AND EXERCISEArousal blend of physiological and psychological activation of an individuals autonomic nervous systemVaries in intensity on a continuum ranging from deep sleep to peak activation High arousal exhibit physiological and psychological symptoms racing heart shallow breathing sweaty palmsNeither pleasantunpleasant positiveexcitingnegativethreateningAnxiety more complexAnxietyElicited following an appraisal universally observed across people of all cultures has a distinct physiology observed through discrete facial expressions associate with a unique set of behaviours action tendenciesCommonly understood as negativeMultidimensional perspective anxiety composed of two components mental and physicalMental component cognitive anxiety reflects athletes concernsworriesreduced ability to focusconcentrate Somatic anxiety physiological and affective elements of anxiety experience that develop directly from autonomic arousalSomatic anx distinct from arousal perception of the symptom manifestations of arousalOnly experienced to the degree that the athlete becomes aware of arousal symptoms Both cognitive and somatic independent but moderately interrelated levels of both are experienced in competitive eventsSocial anxiety specific type that occurs during social situations interaction w other peopleOccurs when people experiencethink they will experience evaluations from other peopleCompetitive anxiety a form of social anxiety athletes concerned about their body their performance their fitness level or skills being evaluated by spectators teammates coaches familyfriendsSocial physique anxiety experience anxiety as a result of perceiving that others may evaluate ones physique in social settingsAnxiety both part of our personalitya response fluctuating from situation to situationState anxiety associated w worriesapprehension that change from moment to moment
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