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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Sociology Notes

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SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Social Class in Canada Chapter 11 SociologyDimensions of Social Inequality Birth presents advantagesopportunities on some people that others who are less fortunate could never imagine Canada known to have one of the highest standards of living in the worldIncome occupational wages or salaries earnings from investments and government transfer payments Avg family income in 2004 was 76000rose 12000 since 1985 Richer are getting richer poor are getting poorer Canads income more equitably distributed than the US Wealth the total amount of moneyother assets minus outstanding debts Comes in form of stocks bonds real estate and other privately owned property is distributed even less evenly than income Income is 1 component of wealth Canada doesnt measure or tax wealth but the US doesPowerWealth stands as source of power The superrich families who own most of the nations wealth have a great deal of influence over nations political agendaSome argue as did Marx that the political system represents the interests of the wealthysome argue that while the rich have some advantages they do not dominate the political processOccupational Prestige Occupation is a major determent of income wealth and power Serves as a key source of social prestige since we commonly evaluate one another by what kind of work we do Almost everywhere whitecollar work that involves mental activity free from extensive supervision confers greater prestige than do bluecollar occupations that require supervised manual labour Exceptions tot his for example a blue collar aircraft mechanic enjoys greater social prestige than say awhitecollar filing clerkPink Ghetto jobs lower status and poorly paid jobsSchooling Education highly valued in industrial societies bc it is a determinant of labour force participation occupation and income The opportunity for formal education is not always equal even though it is defined as everyones right Woman overall have completed more years of schooling than menCanadian Stratification MeritCaste The Canadian class system is partially a meritocracy in that social position reflects individual talenteffort BUT it also has caste elements bc birth plays a part in what we become later in lifeAncestry In Canada birth into a particular family is 1 affecter of social standing we have no control over this event Ancestry determines our point of entry into the system of social inequality Being born to privilege or poverty sets the stage for future schooling occupationincomeRaceEthnicity Aboriginal people lag behind in terms of educational attainmentemployment rate Canadians Chinese and Japanese origins have higher levels of educational attainment than those of British or French origin People who identify as black are most active in the labour force FrenchChinese employment incomes are very similarThe Japanese have exceptionally high incomes While income is only one dimension of social class raceethnicity are clearly associated with different placement in the socioeconomic hierarchy of Canada Racismdiscrimination only partially explain economic inequalityGender On average women earn lower income accumulate less wealth have lower occupational prestige and rank lower in some aspects of educational achievement than men do
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