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BIOL 120
Neil Hibbert

BIOL 12003 midterm Wednesday Feb 26 530630Lecture 2What is lightAnything composed of cells is a living organismall organisms required light energyLight is energy that is made up of waves found in the electromagnetic spectrum we tend to see visible spectrum of energy known as lightROYGBIV rainbowmade of different wavelengths that indicate the type of colors we see 400nm700nm red to violetInfraredmicrowaves energy interacts with food particles given off as heatUltravioletxraysLargest wavelength can be up to the size of a football field but would not be as strongSmaller the wavelength the more powerful it is as shown by xrays that can penetrate through our skinDifferent wavelengths different colors as well we would be able to see the different types of energy emitted by the sun that we would not otherwise be able to see with the naked eyeWhy is visible light important1source of ENERGYphotosynthesis2source of informationphotoreceptors protein receptive rhodopsin or rods Retinal receiv
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