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JQuery Cheatsheet

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 100
Barry Mc Clinchey

jQuery 1.3 Cheat Sheet Core Selectors FUNCTIONuery Function RETURNS SELECTOR Basic RETURNS SELECTORribute Filters RETURNS 2 $(expr, [context]) jQuery * Array [attr] Array 2 $(html, [owner]) jQuery #id Array [attr=value] Array 2 $(elems) jQuery name Array [attr!=value] Array 2 $(func) jQuery .class Array [attr^=value] Array selector1, selectorN Array [attr$=value] 2 Array jQuery Object Accessors PROPERTY RETURNS [attr*=value] 2 Array selector 1 String Hierarchy SELECTOR RETURNS [attr1][attr2][attrN] Array context 1 Element ancestor descendant Array 2) The [@attr] style selectors were removed in jQuery 1.3 length Number parent > child Array Child Filters FUNCTION RETURNS SELECTOR RETURNS previous + next Array size() Number :nth-child( index | even | odd | Array previous ~ siblings Array equation) eq(index) jQuery get() Array Basic Filters :first-child Array SELECTOR RETURNS get(index) Element :last-child Array :first Array :only-child Array index(element) Number :last Array each(func) jQuery :not(selector) Array Forms 1) New in jQuery 1.3 SELECTOR RETURNS :even Array :hidden Array Data FUNCTION RETURNS :odd Array :input Array data(name) Object :eq(index) Array :text Array data(name, value) jQuery :gt(index) Array :password Array removeData( name) jQuery :lt(index) Array :checkbox Array queue(name) Array :header Array :radio Array queue(name, func) jQuery :animated Array :image Array queue(name, queue) jQuery :file Array Content Filters dequeue(name) jQuery SELECTOR RETURNS :button Array :contains( text) Array Plugins :submit Array FUNCTION RETURNS :empty Array :reset Array $.fn.extend( object) jQuery :has(selector) Array $.extend( object) jQuery Form Filters :parent Array SELECTOR RETURNS Interoperability Visibility Filters :enabled Array FUNCTION RETURNS SELECTOR RETURNS $.noConflict() jQuery :disabled Array :hidden Array :checked Array $.noConflict( extreme) jQuery :visible Array :selected Array Attributes Manipulation Traversing Attr Insert Inside Filtering FUNCTION RETURNS FUNCTION RETURNS FUNCTION RETURNS attr(name) Object append(content) jQuery filter(expr) jQuery attr(props) jQuery appendTo(selector) jQuery filter(func) jQuery attr(key, value | func) jQuery prepend(content) jQuery
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