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University of Waterloo
Geography and Environmental Management
GEOG 101
Candice Gartner

DRAFT – Subject to Revision by Instructor December 16, 2013 Geography 101 : Geography and Human Habitat (Winter 2014) Department of Geography and Environmental Management University of Waterloo Instructor: Candice Gartner E-mail: [email protected] (E-mail Subject: “GEOG 101”) Class Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 2:30 – 3:50pm Classroom: M3 1006 Office Hours: Wednesdays, 10:00am – 12:00pm in EV1-234, and after class Teaching Assistants: Janette Kingsbury, Iffat Mannan, Sarah Scarlett, Jeffrey Chan, Neda Ziba, Aijuan Chen, and ZoeAbrahams Course Website: Course Description: An introduction to human geography through a survey of some of the concepts, methods, techniques and applications of geographic analysis to the human cultural environment. Directed towards people-land and location analysis themes. Course Objectives: To situate human geography within the broader discipline of geography. To provide an overview of the major themes and fundamental concepts in human geography. To illuminate and contrast human geography theory with real-world examples and case studies. To foster an understanding of how personal and sociocultural characteristics guide perspectives and behavior with respect to geographical potentials and limits. To provide a foundation for future study and research with a geographical connection. Overarching Goal: By the end of this course, students will have a foundational basis for further study of human geography as well as an appreciation of the diversity of topics available for consideration, whether in the classroom &/or in life. Evaluation: Test 1 25% Thursday, January 30, 2014 Test 2 25% Thursday, March 6, 2014 Test 3 25% Thursday,April 3, 2014 2 Assignments 15% TBA Discussion Forum 10% TBA Required Reading: Norton, W. (2013). Human Geography (8 Edition). Oxford University Press: Toronto. The text can be purchased at the UW Bookstore (South Campus Hall). Supplementary Reading: Additional material will be available via the course webpage on LEARN. Attendance: Attendance in class is at your discretion. There is often extra content in the notes displayed in class vs. the notes posted on the course webpage (e.g. discussion points or questions asked of the class, maps or diagrams), and all in-class discussions are valid “testable” materials. Also, allA/V materials (e.g. DVDs/videos screened in class) are “testable” materials, so complete notes should be taken for each DVD/video shown. For these reasons, attendance at each lecture is highly recommended. DRAFT – Subject to Revision by Instructor December 16, 2013 Test Description: Tests may be multiple choice, short and/or long answer. Each test will cover material covered prior to test date. The tests will NOT be cumulative. Details of the test format will be given closer to the test date. Waterloo LEARN: (course website for Geog 101): Waterloo LEARN is a web‐based course management system that enables instructors to manage course materials (posting of lecture notes etc.), interact with their students, drop boxes for submissions, discussion boards, course e-mail, etc.), and provide feedback (grades, comments, etc.). Users can login to LEARN via: Use your WatIAM/Quest username and password. If you still cannot get on after checking your password, please confirm with the instructor that you are on the class roster.Assistance with LEARN can be found at: Course Notes: Course notes (PowerPoint slides) will be posted on LEARN (in the ‘Content’ section the evening before any given lecture. Please note that my slides will be partially incomplete, so attendance to lectures is necessary to fill in the appropriate missing content. It is recommended that you print off these notes ahead of each class, and bring these to class regularly so you can add the remaining of content (discussion notes, additional points, off-the-cuff examples given in class, etc). Note: Students missing lectures must get their lecture notes from a friend or another student in your class. Students asking the course instructor for lecture notes will have their requests denied. Multimedia Notes (DVDs, Videos, in-class internet-based videos, etc): Approximately 15% of course content is delivered through multi-media materials (DVDs, online audio or video clips), and ALL of this material is valid testing/quiz material. Therefore, each student should attend regularly and take comprehensive notes. If you miss a day when this material is shown, please arrange to obtain the notes from a classmate, and if possible, discuss these notes briefly with the note-taker. Most materials shown are the personal property of the instructor and some are available on the internet. Submission of Assignments: Unless otherwise indicated, assignments only need to be submitted on LEARN, not in hard copy. By submitting an assignment for this course, you are agreeing to the following: • You have properly referenced and footnoted all ideas, words or other intellectual property from other sources used in the completion of this assignment. • You have included a proper bibliography, which includes acknowledgement of all sources used to complete this assignment. • The assignment was completed by your own efforts. You did not collaborate with any other person for ideas or answers (with the exception of group projects) • This is the first time you have submitted this assignment or essay (either partially or entirely) for academic evaluation. Turnitin: Plagiarism detection software (Turnitin) will be used to screen any assignments in this course. This is being done to verify use of all material and sources in assignments is documented. Students will be given an option if they do not want to have their assignment screened by Turnitin. In the first week of the term, details will be provided about arrangements and alternatives for the use of Turnitin in this course. Late Assignments: Students are responsible for the managing deadlines and course expectations. A deduction of 10% will be applied for each 24 hours an assignment is late. DRAFT – Subject to Revision by Instructor December 16, 2013 Tests:All tests are mandatory, and no alternative test date is possible due to the difficulty of having to prepare alternate tests for each student. Thus, every effort should be made to attend each test. The only exceptions to this are those students who have a valid medical reason, personal or family emergency, etc. 1. Valid medical reason such as illness or accident (appropriate proof such as a Doctor’s note is required); 2. Personal or family emergency (with suitable proof where possible); 3. Other valid reasons beyond the control of the student (to be approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the instructor). If you know in advance that you will not be able to make a test, please contact the instructor as far in advance as possible to discuss alternatives. If you miss a test for any reason: 1. Communicate to the instructor the reason why you missed the test. 2. IMPORTANT! As soon as possible, obtain a valid medical or counselor’s note explaining the reason for your absence, degree of incapacitation, dates covered by the note, etc. Please make a copy of this note and give the copy to your instructor. If you miss a test but do NOT have a doctor’s/counselor’s note or other valid explanation for your absence: Explain the reason for your absence to the instructor (ideally during a help session or by email). The instructor will determine on a case-by-case basis whether an alternative arrangement can be made, or whether to assign a ‘zero’on the test. Note for students with disabilities: The Office for Persons with Disabilities (OPD), located in Needles Hall, Room 1132, collaborates with all academic departments to arrange appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities without compromising the academic integrity of the curriculum. If you require academic accommodations to lessen the impact of your disability,
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