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Mistress of the Inn Thursday, January 10, 2013 3:07 PM CHARACTERS Marchese: nobleman Conte (Count): wealthy nobleman Cavaliere: gentleman Fabrizio: servant of Mirandolina Mirandolina: young woman who recently inherited an inn from her father Ortensia: an actress who likes to scheme Dejanira: an actress who likes to scheme but always bursts out laughing Servant: to Cavaliere ACT 1  Marchese and Conte are both visiting the inn because they both want to marry Mirandolina  They are arguing over who is better fit; Conte has money, Marchese is not proud and has titles  Cavaliere over hears the men arguing and tells them that women are just a fatal disease  Marchese and Conte are shocked that Cavaliere does not want to marry and wants nothing to do with women  Mirandolina enters, Marchese asks her to go to her room, she says no. Conte gives her a pair of diamond earrings.  Cavaliere leaves in disgust  A jeweler comes by the inn and Conte leaves; leaving Marchese and Mirandolina alone  Marchese says he wants to marry her and then leaves the room  Mirandolina gets bored of all these men that fall in love with her but doesnt understand why Cavaliere treated her like that  Fabrizio enters, shares to the audience that she keeps leading him on.  Mirandolina and Fabrizio leave.  Enters Cavaliere and his servant; Cavaliere gets a letter from Orazio stating someone died and that he is too marry a girl for 150,000  Marachese enters and joins Cavaliere; Marachese has no money and asks Cavaliere for a zecchino and Cavaliere agrees even though that is almost all her has left as well then Marachese leaves Cavaliere is alone in his room and Merandolina brings in the best sheets for his bed and  Cavaliere is impressed. Mirandolina tells Cavaliere that she is only nice to Conte and Marchese because they are guests. Mirandolina is being very nice to Cavaliere  Mirandolina tells Cavaliere that it is a good idea that he doesnt want to marry, Cavaliere thinks this is strange  Cavaliere invited her to stop by whenever she wants to his room, he is trying to convince himself not to fall in love  *another room in the inn  Ortensia, Dejanira and Fabrizio; Ortensia and Dejanira are dressed and are acting that they are a lot richer than they are  Mirandolina comes to visit O and D's room; she figures out they are just actresses.  Marchese enters: meets O and D and gives Mirandolina a very fine silk handkerchief. Marchese then agreed to eat lunch with the actresses O and D.  Conte enters and takes Mirandolina aside and presents her with a matching diamond necklace  The two actresses realize the Conte is much richer than Marchese and they decided to go two lunch with the Conte instead.  Marchese is angry and says he will pay for this  Mirandolina is happy that the actresses will keep Marchese and Conte distracted so that she will get Cavaliere to fall in love with her in the mean time ACT 2  Cavaliere has his room set for lunch; Frabizio is bringing out the soup  Cavaliere's servant tells Cavaliere that if he was not working for him, he would want to work for Mirandolina  Cavaliere looks Mirandolina's cooking and is surprised  Cavaliere learns that Conte is having lunch with the two actresses and that Marchese has disappeared  Mirandolina comes to Cavaliere's room with another dish  They are "flirting" and Cavaliere offers her a glass of wine, then bread, then brings her a chair  Cavaliere tells Mirandolina that she is the only woman that he can stand to talk to  Mirandolina asks for another glass of wine and they made a toast to "long life to good friends"  Marchese enters the room; intrudes on the two and asks for a glass of Burgundy  Mirandolina asks to be excused but Marchese wants her to stay and Cavaliere convinces her to stay  Marchese wants Mirandolina and Cavaliere to try his wine which they both end up hating but Cavaliere tells the Marchese that it was delicious but Mirandolina didnt lie and told him that it was disgusting  Marchese tells Cavaliere's servant to take three glass down to the Conte and annouce that it is from him  Marchese says that he is okay with Cavaliere spending time with Mirandolina because he knows "how he feels about women"... Even though that opinion may be changing  The servant comes back with a bottle of Canary wine from the Conte and Marchese is enraged and leaves the room, threatening that he something terrible will happen if Conte does not leave the inn  Mirandolina, the Cavaliere, and his Servant; Mirandolina stands to walk out and Cavaliere commands here to stay,  Mirandolina goes to walk out and gives in and does one last toast with Cavaliere and leaves  Cavaliere is left with his servant and feels that Mirandolina has run off on him  In Conte's room: Conte, Ortensia, and Dejanira  Conte tells the actresses that he would love to protect them but he loves Mirandolina and gets angry when the actresses are trying to convince him that she isnt wor
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