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Management Sciences
MSCI 411
Shannon Hartling

Social Ghosts: Others Within – May 10, 2013  One of the most fascinating ways we are linked is through the voices that inhabit us.  Internal voices are social ghosts Why Ghosts are Social  Result of prior social experiences with others, fictional and flesh, relationships with them were social – imaginable relationships parallel those of embodied social life  Dialogic relationship involves familiar scenarios of interchange.  Talk, laugh and wonder and engaging in other physical acts could be part of an imaginable interaction  Ghost – form of spirit, have qualities of creatures who have lived, haunt, not welcome in one’s life, remind us of things we would rather forget  They also take us back to moments that are significant, relive moments through interventions of our ghosts  Embedded existence is social realm and our existence beyond the immediate context, in history and present. Background of the Social Ghost Phenomenon  In novels, poems, plays – characters’ fantasies, emotional attachments and imagined constructions of others from the past  Relations with ancestors, ancient heroes and heroines, lovers, parents etc…  Visit earthly characters to frighten, advise, entertain
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