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Teamwork is a big influence on many companies around the world to be successful. The way
teamwork performs in the workplace overall brings a sort of sense of trust, loyalty, and security
with all of the employees. The morale and productivity will be higher as a result of that. However,
working on a team has its own challenges. Working with people that have different personalities,
ideas, cultures, backgrounds, ages, needs and values is one of the most challenges that teamwork
faces during its performance. Conflict, mistrust, poor performance can be created as result of these
differences. Finding a way to overcome these obstacles is the foundation of a strong and successful
teamwork. Illuminator project has overcome these challenges by respecting and using every skill
and idea that each team member delivers. That makes every team member feel important and
productive. Also communication among each member is very critical for the success of the
Illuminator project. Today, teamwork has been found to be as a better way on using every
employee’s talent and skill toward a more effective and efficient organization.” Management has
found that teams are more flexible and responsive to changing events than are traditional
departments. Teams have the capability to quickly assemble, deploy, refocus, and disband.”
Some of the benefits to having a team are creative increase, speed, effect on workers morale, and
effects on individual responsibility. Some of the disadvantages would be Disagreements, The Team
Takes the Glory and the Fall, Feeling Left Out, and Taking Longer.