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PHIL 110B: Criticisms of Utilitarianism - E. F. Carritt

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Patricia Marino

Criticisms of Utilitarianism E. F. CARRITT · ·  You may not be able to says that 2 beers will give you twice as much pleasure as 1, or that a concert will give you 3 times as much pleasure, but you may know which would give you more; o you may act upon that knowledge since the 2 things, though not measurable, are comparable  not being measurable makes it less easy to discriminate precisely which thing is more pleasurable, where the difference is not great, compared to physical objects o ex. you may be unable to say whether the smell of roasting coffee or of fried bacon gives you the greater pleasure  The minds of other people, as well as the intensity of their desires, is not clearly evident (cannot be proved) ----> everyone is different and we don’t know how every person thinks/feels  Hedonistic utilitarianism?  We can never know either our objective duty or our objective long-run interest (p. 477)  Objection to utilitarians: they make no room for justice  We ought to be just as well as generous (distributing happiness equally)  To reward doing good was to encourage was to encourage such behaviour by example, and therefore, a likely way to increase the total happiness  3 criticism: inconsistency in considering differences of quality or kind, as well as of amount, among pleasures when determining what we out to do  People do not feel the same obligation to endow the art of cookery or pot boiling
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