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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Popular culture throughout life:  Children = TV, toys, comic books, cartoons, “heroes” from media and sports  Youth = TV, music, concerts, clothing brands, movies, sports  Adult singles = cars, travel, clothing  Parents = (home-centered) family travel, home-based media  Older adults = movies, TV, sports, books 1983 = most common free-time activities in order were: TV, newspaper, music, phone, exercise, friends  Less common = books, magazines, hobbies, gardening  Teens watched more TV, talked more on the phone, and exercised more  65+ = watch TV, read newspapers, books, magazines, have hobbies  Watching TV involves 2 factors: o the availability of companions for other activities o the amount of time available  some TV use is residual = people watch TV when there is nothing better to do  teens watch most TV, young adults watch the least TV  women watch less TV than men by about 25-30%  TV accounts for about 40% of all free time  Only major activities growing in participation: gambling, walking, and golf Popular culture is not only what people do; it is also what they talk about! Television:  Residual = we watch TV when we have nothing else planned/nothing better to do  Easy / available all the time / convenient (costs money/effort to go elsewhere)  Enjoyable  Diversity of offerings (cable, satellite, pay-per-view)  Requires no skill/effort  Cost has declined and is affordable by almost everyone  TV is a marketing tool as well as a form of entertainment Mass Media  3 main kinds of media = print, visual, and auditory Print Media  Newspaper, books, magazines  Reading is not a growing industry  Many books aren’t for leisure purposes (textbooks, references, technical manuals)  Reading is primarily escape and relaxation; can also be for learning and p
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