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Chapter 1

RS110 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Figure Drawing

Religious Studies
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Peter Frick

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I did not get perfect but I now know what he was looking for: *(8/10) Tips at the bottom for how
to get perfect!
Journey Through My Mind
My decision to enroll in this course was to learn more about my religion and the religions
of others. I had never taken a World Religions course, thus I never seemed to truly understand
what each religion consisted of. As the course progressed, I soon realized I was secretly asserting
why my religion was “the right one,” mine being Orthodox Christianity. I began to realize, it
wasn’t about my religion being the best or the oldest. Religion was about a group of people being
able to come together and do one of the hardest things: believing in the unknown. In all three
religions, there was a factor of mystery, and the mystery part was what unified the three
religions. I truly believe in God, but there were some things I did not like about my church that
sometimes lead me to go astray. For example, having too much culture involved in religion, then
creating an undistinguishable mesh of the two. With the many lessons of hermeneutics, I realize
that my definition of religion can be different than someone else’s and I should not feel bad about
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