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Barry Mc Clinchey

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Chapter 1 THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE  sociology - systemic study of human groups and their interactions  sociological perspective - way in which sociologists see our world ad can dissect the dynamic relationships between individuals and the larger social network in which we all live Charles Wright Mills and the Sociological Imagination  suggested people who do not (or can't) recognize the social origins and the character of their problems  if you don't understand how a persons challenges are influenced by society, you won't be able to understand/solve them  personal troubles - challenges that need individual solutions  social issues - challenges caused by larger social factors that require collective solutions  personal troubles don't become social issues because people don't relate the two  quality of mind - ability to view personal circumstance within a social context  - if everyone in a class failed, and no one talks about it, no one would know  sociological imagination - ability to percieve how dynamic social forces influence individual lives  people who judge people without thinking about all the persons problems lack quality of mind  cheerful robots - people who are unwilling or uable to see the social world as it truly exists  Peter Berger; 2 perspectives  - seeing the general in the particular  - seeing the strange in the familiar Peter Berger: Seeing the General in the Particular  ability to look at unique events and recognize the larger features involved  - see person asking for change on street, but there are many other people in that situation too Seeing The Strange in the Familiar  people study for tests and get graded, but do the marks mean A students are smarter than C students?  - example of something that is normal and familiar and seeing it as it is strange WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU?  agency - assumption that individuals have the ability to alter their socially constructed lives  structure - network of relatively stable opportunities and constraints inluencing individual behaviours Minority Status  visible groups face discrimination Gender  patrarchy - system of rule where men control politial and economic resources of society  working women earn less than men Socioeconomic Status  socio economic status - combo of variables to classify/rank people on levels (like income levels, level of education, occupation, living area etc)  ascribed status - person i
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