SOC101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Herbert Blumer, Safety Valve, Class Conflict

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23 Jul 2016
Chapter 1
Without sociological context, issues seem personalized; ie employment,
These are societal issues reflected on the individual
Personal troubles are a reflection of public issues because
oSocial structure and the individual are linked
Why or how something happens in society
oMacro: society as a whole
oMicro: individual or groups
Believes society functions as an “organism”
Each part serves a function
Change is disruptive, only positive if it occurs gradually
Safety valve for aggressive behaviour because acceptable in that context
Society vs Individual
Suicide rate can’t be explained on individual, it’s a societal issue
Take personal trouble and look at it as a public issue
Post-Secondary School Example
Manifest Function
oObvious, recognizable
oProvides skill _ knowledge essential for decent career, productive
Latent Function
oUnintended, not obvious
oSocial network for easier job networking, easier to meet partner
Latent Dysfunction
oExpensive $$$, negative consequences
oBut if no dysfunction, no appreciation of values
Conflict Theory
Some groups have more power
Change needed to correct injustices/inequalities
Regardless of society, inequality exists
Karl Marx
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