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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Vulnerable Populations and Victimization

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SOC 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

CHAPTER 8: Vulnerable Populations and Victimization VULNERABLE POPULATIONS 1. Homeless o Law designed to handle people who live in public spaces – i.e. mall restrictions (clothing) o People are three to four times more likely to be injured in some form of accident than to have something stolen  Why? Because home is secured, protected by neighbours who look out too  Facing desperate living strategies, extreme stress, and increased vulnerability o Homeless populations are often concentrated in in neglected areas w/ high crime and victimization rates o Homeless individuals are victimized more in 1 year than the average in a lifetime o Homeless men are more likely to be assaulted, where homeless women are more likely to be victimized by an intimate partner  consistent with general population o Another element: mental illness  Present before being homeless: treatment in mental + social services  Occurred after being homeless: reduce the stress that caused mental illness  Prolonged depression, anxiety, etc because of additional experience of negative cognitive and behaviour consequences of being homeless o Youth and homelessness  More likely to be both offenders and victims of crime than older people  Youth often end up in street as a result of victimization  Victimizing as a means of survival  dangerous and vulnerable  Youth are seen more as offenders of society than victims o Hate crimes against the homeless  As they age, the frequency of hate speech and assaults increased  Combined acts of hateful speech with physical assault (getting stuff thrown at) 2. People living in total institutions (prisons) o Inmates are both sexually and physically victimized by other inmates and staff o Victimizer is likely to control victim’s access to the outside world o High suicide rates, low murder rates by inmates o “Vulnerable prisoner
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