SPCOM100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Name Calling

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Chapter 9: communication climate
Communication climate: social tone of a relationship
How communication climates develop
Communication climates are determined by degree to which people see
themselves as valued
Confirming: describe messages that convey valuing
oMessages say ‘you exist’ ‘you matter’ ‘you’re important’
Disconfirming: communication signals a lack of regard
o‘I don’t care about you’ ‘I don’t like you’
Levels of messages confirmation
Three positive types of messages have the best chance of being perceived as
oRecognition: fundamental act of confirming is to recognize the other
oAcknowledgement: acknowledging ideas and feelings of others is a
stronger form of confirmation than simple recognition
oEndorsement: you agree with her or him or otherwise find that person
important (strongest form of valuing)
Disagreeing messages: essentially says ‘you’re wrong’ and includes two confirming
components: recognition and acknowledgment
Argumentativeness: presenting and defending positions on issues while
attacking positions taken by others
oKey to maintaining position climate while arguing a point is the way
you present your ideas
Complaining: communicators aren’t prepared to argue but still want to
register dissatisfaction
Aggressiveness: verbal aggressiveness is tendency to attack self concepts of
other people in order to inflict psychological pain
oName calling, put downs, sarcasm, taunting
Disconfirming messages
Impervious response: fails to acknowledge other person’s communicative
attempt, either verbally or non verbally
oFailing to return a phone call or answer a letter or email
oParents ignored by their children and vice versa
Interrupting response: made when one person begins to speak before the
other is through making a point
Irrelevant response: making comments totally unrelated to what the other
person was just saying
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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