SPCOM227 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Golden Rule, Organizational Communication, Information Overload

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Chapter 2: Defining organizational communication
The importance of communication definitions and approaches
Knowledge of business terms and definitions is expected of anyone that
graduates with a business degree
“Expected” because the ability to use terms in everyday conversation is part
of what it means to work effectively
Approaches to organizational communication
1. Communication as information transfer
2. Communication as transactional process
3. Communication as strategic control
4. Communication as a balance of creativity and constraint
Communication as information transfer
View communication as metaphoric pipeline through which information
flows from one person to another
This version of communication assumes the following;
oLanguage allows us to transfer thoughts/feelings from one person to
oSpeaker and writers insert thoughts/feelings into words
oWords contain those thoughts/feelings
oListeners/readers extract those thoughts/feelings from words
Information overload: receiver becomes overwhelmed by information
oFactors that contribute: 1) amount of info to be processed 2) rate or
speed at which info is presented 3) complexity/amount of work it
takes to process info
Distortion: effects of noise on receiver’s ability to process the message
oNoise can be semantic (message has different meanings for
sender/receiver), physical, or contextual
Ambiguity: multiple interpretations of a message cloud sender’s intended
Communication as a transactional process
Asserts that in human communication, clear distinctions are not made
between sends and receivers
Transaction and information transfer differ in terms of presumed location of
meaning of the message
Info transfer: meaning of message resides with sender and challenge of
communication is to transmit meaning to others
In transactional meaning is are in people and not words
Communication as strategic control
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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