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Biology 204 Reading List 2014

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University of British Columbia
BIOL 204
Angie O' Neill

Biology 204 Reading ListThe pages listed below are from the course textbook Vertebrates Comparative Anatomy Function Evolution by Kenneth KardongThese readings are for your reference such that you can clarify or expand on the material that we cover in classWe may or may not cover all the material listed below depending on the time availableYou are only responsible for the material from the textbook that we also cover in class the textbook often has much more detail that what we cover in classYou are responsible for material in the lecture notes material that we discuss in class even if it is not in the lecture notes and material in the clicker questions practice questions and online assignmentsIf information in the textbook contradicts what we discussed in lecture you should go with what we discussed in lecture since that will be more up to date than the text please ask if you are unsureMorphological ConceptsChapter 1 6th Editionp 14185th Edition p 1418DevelopmentChapter 5 6th Editionp 161178 190195 5th Editionp 158175 188191PhylogenyChapters 2 and 3 6th Edition Chapter 2p 4874Chapter 3The Vertebrate Story p 8689Agnathansp 94127Gnathostomes 5th EditionChapter 2p 4773Chapter 3The Vertebrate Story p 8487Agnathansp 92124Gnathostomes SkullsChapter 7 6th Edition p 241249Neurocranium Dermatocranium and Splanchnocraniump 249 252254Overview of Skull Morphology and Cranial Kinesisp 254281Phylogeny of the Skullp 283293Overview of Skull Function and Design 5th Editionp 235243Neurocranium Dermatocranium and Splanchnocranium p 243 246248Overview of Skull Morphology and Cranial Kinesis p 248275Phylogeny of the Skull p 277281Overview of Skull Function and Design
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