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Chapter 3

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COMM 310
Julie Kim

CHAPTER 3 The InternetEBusiness 31 Businessthe Internet Introduction Ebusiness is conducting business on the Internetnot only buying and selling also serving customerscollaborating with business partners Ebusiness websites must be innovative add valueprovide useful info Disruptive Technology Digital Darwinism implies that organizations that cannot adapt to new demands placed on them for surviving in the information age are doomed to extinction Disruptive technology a new way of doing things that initially does not meet the needs of existing customers tend to open new markets and destroy old onesSustaining technologyproduces an improved product that customers are eager to buy provide better fastercheaper products in established marketsThe Internet as a Disruptive Technology Impacts on many industriesPublishing self publishing ebooksEducation and Training online education and trainingEntertainment online music downloads online streaming movies Netflix Retail buying and selling on the InternetTravelFinancial Services Evolution of the Internet concept of Internet came from American military during Cold War mid 1960sthey needed a bombproof communications system system would link computers throughout the country allowing messages to get through Internet essentially an emergency military communications system called ARPANET Internet a global public network of computer networks that pass info from one to another using common computer protocols WWW aka web a way to access the internet Eg through browsers an information sharing model on top of the InternetWWW primarily textbased until 1991 when Tim BernersLee build the first Web site httpinfocernch
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