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COMM 310
Julie Kim

CHAPTER 1 BusinessDriven Information Systems 11Information Systems in Business Information Systems Role in Business info systems are everywhereinfo systems support business operations enable successinnovationInformation Systems Impact on Business Operations businesses undertake enterprisewide initiatives to achieve broad general business goals such as reducing costs info technology plays a critical role in deploying such initiatives by facilitating communicationincreasing business intelligence typical businesses operate by functional areas each area undertakes a specific core business functionAccounting Marketing Operations Finance HR Production Sales MIS functional areas are interdependentsales must rely on info from operations to understand inventory every department or functional area must work together to share common infonot be a siloinfo systems can enable departments to more efficientlyeffectively perform their operations Info Systems Basics Information systems IS computerbased tools that people use to work with information and that support the information and informationprocessing needs of an organization most useful when leverage the talents of people IS are not useful unless the right people know how to use and manage them effectively working with the actual info software processing of info Information technology IT the acquisition processing storagedissemination of vocal pictorial textualnumerical information by a microelectronicsbased combo of computingtelecommunicationsbroader focuses on creating the actual information Management Information Systems MIS function that plans for develops implementsmaintains IT hardware softwareapplications that people use to support the goals of an organization Data raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event or object characteristics for a sales event date item number customer nameaddress Information data converted into a meaningfuluseful context information from sales event bestselling item best customer Knowledge information that can be acted upon actionable informationhave info that a largeof customers are from particular region can use this to make decisions about where to focus sales efforts plansgoals of the MIS department must align with plansgoals of an organization
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