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Chapter 10

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University of British Columbia
COMM 310
Julie Kim

CHAPTER 10 Systems Development and Project Management 101 Systems Development IntroductionIS solutions enable improvements to cost structure better management of people improvements to developingdelivering new products to market these organizational improvements help sustain competitive advantageposition in marketplacesolve complex problems dislodge competitors create exciting new opportunities to pursuecompanies have to learnmature in ability to identify buildimplement IS to remain competitiveIS built correctly can support nimble organizationstransform as orgits business transforms systems that effectively meet employee needs help an org become more productiveenhance decision makingsystems that do not meet employee needs may have damaging effect on productivity can even cause business to fail The importance of wellbuilt systemsMeet the needs of employees usersAddress organizational strategies and prioritiesEnhance productivityEnhance decision makingDeveloping Info Systems lucrative advantages of successful IS implementations provide incentives to manage systems development risks ISIT projects oftenotake longer than planned ogo over budgetohave fewer featuresfunctions than originally specifiedoget canceled Success factors for developing systems Employee user involvement Proper implementation methodology Well executed methodology Adequate resourcing Adequate training Proper change management
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