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Case Brief - Data Business Forms Ltd. v. MacIntosh – CORPORATION.docx

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University of British Columbia
COMM 393
Patricia Mallia

Data Business Forms Ltd v MacIntoshCORPORATION FactsData Business Forms Limited is a body corporate registered to carry business in Nova Scotia under Pakfold Business Forms they supply business forms MacIntosh has been supplier of business and computer supplies began doing business under name of MacIntosh Business Systems sole proprietorship Accounts with Data and Pakfold established and operated in name of Glenn MacIntosh doing business a MacIntosh Business Systems Mr MacIntosh incorporated Maritime Business Forms Ltd stated that MacIntosh Business Systems was division of Maritime gave no notice in formal sense to plaintiffs of incorporation or roal reference didnt apply for credit for Maritime Maritime ceased operation Mr MacIntosh acknowledges that the debts are owed but says theyre owed by Maritime not by Mr MacIntosh personally Issues1 Did the defendant Glenn MacIntosh contract for the purpose of goods and services in the amount agreed upon in his personal capacity or as agent for Maritime Business Forms Limited 2 If the plaintiffs are successful are they entitled to interest and in what amount Decisions1 He contracted for the purpose of goods and services in the amount agreed upon in his personal capacity 2 Yes 10 on 1415571Reasons 1 Memos and cheques not
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