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Ch 3 - Citation

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University of British Columbia
ENGL 112
Kim Trainor

Citation and Summary Chapter 3  Successful writing depends on the upon readers’ recognition of features of the genre  Summary – important and highly recognizable feature of the research genre; central activity of scholarly life o Identify with a community of researchers o Establish what positions have been taken by others o Take their own position 3A. Introducing Scholarly Citation  Different ways of citing sources based on each discipline  Citations – condensed, concentrated way of telling us that somebody other than the present writer has said something o Distinctive sounds and looks of scholarly writings o Only scholars repeat the words and ideas of others o Scholarly citations are a shortcut to authority, way to support an argument  Reporting expressions o “In Britain, the literary critic Terry Eagleton refers…” 3B. Is citation unique to scholarly writing?  Citation is common in everyday conversation o “He said…” “And then I was like…”  What we know about the world, we learn only form what others have said  Much of our performances as speakers is citation o Repeating what others have said
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