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Chapter 10

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Family Studies
FMST 210
Maria Weatherby

Chapter 10 Independent Questionsnd1What does society of childhood mean See 2 paragraph in the introduction sectionSociety of Childhood means that children make up their own social rules that differ from those of adult society Trading food in the lunchrooms oA child who refuses to trade may be seen as stuckup oAn adult who wants to trade lunches may be seen an pushy or somewhat odd I Theories of Social and Personality DevelopmentAPsychoanalytical Perspectives2a What is the challenge of middle childhood according to FreudFreud though that the challenge of the middle childhood years was to form emotional bonds with peers and to move beyond those that were developed with parents in earlier years b According to Erikson why might a child develop a sense of inferiority rather than industryIndustry versus Inferiority Stagea stage in which children develop a sense of their own competence through mastery of culturally defined learning tasks readwrite A child might develop a sense of inferiority rather than industry because they constitute an emotional mindset than can hamper an individuals ability to achieve for the rest of their life B The Big Five Personality Traits3a What do trait theorists believe See first paragraph in this sectionTrait theorists believe that by middle childhood the various dimensions of temperament have evolved into five dimensions of personality
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