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Chapter 4

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Family Studies
FMST 210
Maria Weatherby

Chapter 4Independent QuestionsIPhysical ChangesAThe Brain and Nervous System1a Is the reproductive system fully formed at birth Yes the reproductive system is fully formed at birth bWhat brain structures are the most developed at birth Identify the functions of these structures At birth the midbrain and medulla are most developedThe midbrain and medulla are responsible for Regulating vital functions heartbeat respiration Attention Sleeping Walking Waste elimination Movement of the head of neck cWhat part of the brain is the least developed at birth Identify the functions of this structure At birth the least developed part of the brain is the cortex Responsible for higherorder thinking Perception Thinking Languagei Synaptic Development See Chapter 34 Lecture Templateii Myelination2Although synaptic pruning is influenced by whether or not our synapses are considered necessary or useful ie whether the synapse is regularly stimulated what influences which neural pathways are myelinized firstMyelinization follows cephalocaudal and proximodistal patterns For example nerves serving the muscle cells in the neck and head are myelinized first cephalocaudal thus explaining why babies can move their head before they roll over 3a What brain structure primarily regulates the skill of attention The brain structure that primarily regulates attention is the reticular formation bWhen does myelination of the reticular formation begin and when is it completeMyelination of the reticular formation beings in infancy and continues in spurts across
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