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Chapter 2

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Family Studies
FMST 210
Maria Weatherby

Chapter 2 Independent QuestionsI Biological and Evolutionary Theories1Summarize the two introductory paragraphs of this sectionKnowledge of biological systems must be present in order to understand human development Genetics and epigenetics both influence human wellbeingEpigenetics integrates nature with nurture Integrates DNA nature with outside factors nurture Genetic traits change over time due to mutation and natural selection A Genetics2Define the following terms related to genetics a chromosomes b DNA c genes d genomeChromosomesStrings of genetic material in the nuclei of cells DNADeoxyribonucleic acid a chemical material that makes up chromosomes and genes GenesA complex chemical unit of a chromosome that control of influence inherited traits GenomeAll the DNA that an organism possesses B Genotypes Phenotypes and Patterns of Inheritancei Polygenic and Multifactorial Inheritance3Heredity is the passing of traits to offspring from parents or ancestors There are many different patterns or rules of heredityinheritance Some inherited traits are referred to as Mendelian traits that is traits that are under the direct control of a single genethese are rare Predicting the expression of traits determined by a single gene Mendelian traitsmonogenic inheritance is relatively straightforward However unlike monogenic inheritance polygenetic and multifactorial inheritances are complexaWhat does polygenetic inheritance mean Polygenetic inheritance means that many genes influence the phenotype as opposed to a single trait which is refereed to as Mendelianmonogenetic inheritance Aggression skineye color etcbWhat does multifactorial inheritance mean Multifactorial inheritance means that both genes and the environment affect a trait Breast cancer height etc C Epigenetics EpiUponInfluences silences or expresses the function of genetics does not influence structure of genetics Some of the traits we inherit cannot be explained by our genesgenome Epigenetics is a recent theory that suggests heritability can be operating above the genetic level ie the level of analysis that genetic theories have traditionally focused exclusively on
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