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Chapter 3

Ch. 3 Vocab

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FREN 111
Bascou Vallarino

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Ma▯'s Search Backpack Account Notifications I'm done. se balader to stroll se donner rendez-vous to arrange to meet faire du jogging to go jogging faire du lèche-vitrines to go window-shopping faire du vélo to go biking faire une promenade en bateau to take a boat ride fréquenter to see often passer to spend (time) prendre un verre to have a drink rencontrer Let's get started. Real, ▯isible, learning. Comparing notes. Free apps. Community Support STUDYBLUE INC. © 2011 AIM HIGH.▯ Add a class to ▯our to meetMbarkcaadsceight & wrong Public stud▯materials for Stud▯in line for a falafel Facebook Feedback Backpack, then fill it as ▯ou stud▯, and check ▯our class are listed on with free iPhone and Tw itter Help with flashcards and se retrsucvers for quick feedback.the right side of ▯our classAndroid apps. Ever▯thing Company Legal Blog For Teachers notes. Then, of course, Watch ▯our progress rise page. Use Search to find s▯ncs with the site, for it's stud▯time. to meetob
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