Chapter 5 Lecture Notes

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University of British Columbia
Political Science
POLI 100
Christopher Erickson

CHAPTER 5 LECTURE NOTESTraditional Theories and Ideologies NORMATIVE POLITICAL THEORYHow should we liveWhy do we need government in the first placeWhat are the proper relationships between the individual society and the state andor center of political power THEORY vs IDEOLOGYTheory is generally aimed at political elites o High complexity o Logically robust o Generally more timeless in focusThey deal with persistent questionsIdeology is aimed at mass mobilization o Can often be reduced to slogans or sound bytes o Simplicity of presentation can lead to logical inconsistency KEY IDEOLOGICAL APPROACHESClassical liberalismConservatismSocialismNationalismFascismAnarchism CLASSICAL LIBERALISMLiberty is desired but dangerousPrimary emphasis on the individual and individual libertyThe state should have a minimal roleArose as a response to the rigid social hierarchies of FeudalismJohn Locke 16321704 INDIVIDUALPrimary focus of liberalismHuman beings are inherently rational
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