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PSYC 305
Kiran Soma

Topic 1 Chapter 1 pg313The behavioural Ecology of a Digger Bee Digger Bee is maleCentris pallida that has ability to detect emerging females from below the soils surfacelower bee much darker than mateintermittent buzzing occurring in rhythm with leg strokes and antennal tappingHow could the male bees detect the female bees undergroundWhy do bees from this species use the mating strategy of find buried females in order to mate Evolutionary theory basics DARWINNatural selection argues that living species are a product of unguided unconscious process of reproductive competition among their ancestorsDarwinnot guided by anyonethingBehavioural ecologists are inspired by this when they ask questions about animal behaviour like the ones previously mentioned reproductively dominant individuals would inevitably reshape their species in their image old population evolves into one that has the stronger traits can occur at the level of our genes the genetic bases for these attributes will increase in frequencyalso applies to allelesthe only kind of hereditary characteristics that will become more common will not necessarily benefit the species as a whole can be harmful to group survival on the long runAccording to natural selection evolutionary change is inevitable if the following conditions are met1Variation with member of a species differing in some of their characteristics Topic 1 2Differences in reproductive success some individuals will have more reproductive success than others in population due to their distinctivecharacteristics3Heredity with parents able to pass on some of their distinctive characteristics to their offspringthe conditions that are required for natural selection are present in all living things When testing evolutionary ideas the assumption is that the traits that exist today are those that won a reproductive competition that took place in the past if this is correct the trait is referred to as an Adaptationadaptive means reproductively advantagesevolutionary psychology Adaptationists are behavioural ecologists whose goal is figuring out exactly what putative supposedadaptations contribute to the reproductive success of individuals alleles are different formsof genes chaallenges to evoluntionary theory will be reffered to as Darwinean Puzzeles DP Darwinian hypotheses are testableExample Hypothesis Based on assumption that all males are in a race to inseminate as many females as possible 1 given the males enthusiasm for virgins a centris pallida female mates either once in her life or uses the sperm of her first partner to fertilize her eggs 1 female Centris Pallida almost certainly mate just once foraging females will not be sexually receptive while virgin females will
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