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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Sexual Relationships.docx

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PSYC 350
Jason Winters

Chapter 7Sexual RelationshipsSexual Relationships are motivated by Many FactorsLeading Factors physical attraction and romantic loveOthers desire for status security profit conform moral beliefs rebel jealousy to have childrenMoral Judgments about Sex Depend on its Context Ira Reiss Studiesshowed people judge morality of heterosexual behavior by the relationship within which it occurs More affectionate intimate or committed the relationship ismore likely consider sexual acts morally acceptable Three viewstraditional sex for procreation thats it relational sex purpose is to cement relationship recreational sex for casual purposeDemographic factors affect sexual attitudes Sex Womentraditional perspective relationshiporiented Not more conservative on abortion issues Age Older peopletraditional perspective Why Era grew up in marriedEducationIncreasing education are more accepting RegionNortheastWest Costless likely to have traditional perspective Southern statesmore traditionalRaceEthnicityNot strong predictor HispanicsAfrican Americans less approving homoReligionConservative ProtestantsBaptiststraditional Catholicsmainstream Protestantsrelational no religionrecreationalNote Although survey data does not account for individual perspective Life changes can cause perspectives to change Ex Have a gay daughter Americans Attitudes Have changed over timeGSS found decline in population who says sex before marriage is always wrong 1980 AIDS increase in disapproval of gay but 1990s decline in thisAmerica must be changing their minds teen sex not changed or are more negative extramarital sex more negative Attitudes in other countries differ from those in the US Gallup Organization studied 16 countries questionwrong to have children out of wedlock Found US in middle IndiaSingapore less permissive Europe more accepting Iceland most acceptingAmericans 45 said extramarital sex always wrong
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