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Gender Stratification

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SOCI 100
Debra Pentecost

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Gender Stratification Gender and Inequality  Gender – personal traits and social positions that members of society attach to being a female or male o Dimension of social organization o Involves hierarchy – different positions in terms of power, wealth, etc.  Gender stratification – unequal distribution of wealth, power, privilege between men and women o In terms of how gender affects the opportunities and limitations each of us face Male and Female Differences  “Natural” gender distinctions – false: such attitudes have nothing to do with biology; reflects cultural patterns of that time and place instead o socially created differences Gender in Global Perspective  Gender is based on culture  Margaret Mead’s Research – If gender is based on biological differences, people should define masculine and feminine the say way everywhere. If it is based on culture, then these definitions will vary. o Culture is the key to gender distinction  With industrialization, the importance of muscle power declined, further reducing gender differences Patriarchy and Sexism  Patriarchy – a form of social organization in which males dominate females  Matriarchy - …in which females dominate males  Sexism – the belief that one gender in innately superior to the other – ideological basis of patriarchy o Built into the institutions of society Costs of Sexism o Limits the talents and ambitions of half the population o Patriarchy drives men to seek control – of women, themselves and the world o Type A personalities vs. The “Hardy” Man  Hardy Man – can withstand high degrees of stress and not fall ill  Type A – seeks only extrinsic goals and rewards Gender and Socialization  The female world revolves around cooperation and emotion and the male world puts a premium on independence and action.  Children tend to form single sex play groups  Development of interpersonal skills (females) vs. Aggression & control – in early years Gender and Social Stratification  Men dominate senior management jobs  Women – sales, teachers, nurses, assistants, secretaries, etc.  Men – doctors, lawyers, mechanics, physicians, judges, etc.  The greater a job’s income and prestige, the more likely it will be held by a man.  Household work/maintenance – a woman’s “second shift”  People devalue one’s work when it is performed by a woman  Causes of gender-based income disparity: o Type and frequency of paid work o Distribution of family responsibilities o Discrimination  Intersection theory – the investigation of the interplay of
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