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ANT211H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter Article: Sperm Competition, Human Penis, Egg Cell

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Sherry Fukuzawa

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Sperm Competition in Marriage: Semen Displacement, Male Rivals, and Spousal Discrepancy in
Sexual Interest
Pham et al.
oSperm completion happens when a female copulates with two or more males in a short time
oThe sperm in her reproductive tracts competes to fertilize her ovum
oIn humans, female infidelity is the main context in which sperm competition occurs
oThis puts the husband at risk of being cuckolded
oSemen displacing behaviours may be a sperm competition tactic
oA study found that the shape of the human penis is capable of displacing a rival male’s
sperm from the female’s reproductive tract
oPost-ejaculatory refractory period may occur in order to prevent the male from
displacing his own sperm
oMen preform more sperm displacing behaviours when they feel there is a bigger risk of
sperm competition (unintentionally)
Such as, if the woman is very attractive, if they accuse their partner of adultery,
or if they have spent a long time away from their partner
The presence of rival males may also result in such behaviours
If a woman has been away from her partner for a prolonged period of time, and
refuses sex, he also more likely to display such behaviours – more so if he
knows she was in the presence of other males
If a mans partner has more male co-workers and friends than females, he is also
more likely to copulate with her more
oWomen who participated in extra-pair copulations were reported to delay copulation
with their husbands
oMen may preform such copulatory behaviours (specifically, deeper thrusts), so
stimulate their partners orgasm and deter her from having extra-pair copulations
oThe study – when and why do men adjust their copulatory thrusting?
45 legally married couples with an average relationship of 9.4 years and average
age of 34.3 years for husband and 34.5 for wives
All data was based on self-reports
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