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Chapter 1-3

Chapter 1 - 3 Notes

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Sherry Fukuzawa

Chapter 1 The Nature of Anthropology - The study of humankind, everywhere, throughout time - All encompassing look at human groups in relation to each other to transcend the biases of our own sex, class, tribe, race, nation, religion, culture and time Discipline of Anthropology - divided into four fields BiologicalPhysical anthropology - concerned primarily with humans as biological organisms - subfields o palaeoanthropology studie fossil remains of our ancestors o Primatology study of biological and social nature of our closest relative o Skeletal Biology (Osteology) study of human bones and teeth (sex, age) o Genetics Knowledge of genetic principles to study evolutionary process and human adaptation o Human Adaptations Examination of modern human variation primarily for its adaptive significance o Forensic anthropology Recovery and analysis of skeletonized human remains for law enforcement purposes Identification of victims Suspicious deaths, mass disasters, political atrocities Archaeology - study of material remains usually from past to describe and explain human behavior - prehistoricprecontract archaeology ancient cultures that did not possess writing - Historic archaeology study societies that left behind historical documentary evidence Sociocultural anthropology - focuses on humans as a culture making species - culture is often standards by which structured group of people operate o are learned rather than acquired through biologically o culture bound is based on the assumptions and values of ones own culture where anthropologists tries to understand all culture and become non bias - linguistics Linguistics - Study of human speech and language including both the origins of language in general and analysis of specific languages o Linguistic anthropology studies human language o Historical anthropology language origins, language change and relationship between languages Applied anthropology - Applying knowledge and methods of anthropology to solve practical problems Ethnography www.notesolution.com
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