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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction (pg. 1-10)

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Carolan Wood

NotesFromReadingCHAPTER1INTRODUCTIONPGS11011Human OsteologyHuman Osteology The study of human bones Osteological work is often aimed at identification of the relatively recently deceased and is usually done in a legal contextoForensic Osteology Osteological work aimed at the identification of relatively recently deceased individuals usually done in a legal context The context can be ancient and purely paleontological as with the Pliocene precultural hominids of AfricaThe context can be relatively recent part of an archaeological recordArchaeologists concentrate on cultural residues of former human occupations but they stand to gain a great deal of valuable information from the skeletal remains of the ancient inhabitants Bioarchaeology Is a recently new way to refer to the study of human remains from archaeological contexts The skeleton forms the framework for the both whereas the teeth form a direct interface between the organism and its environmentMorphology The form and structure of an object Since the bones and teeth of the skeleton are resistant to many kinds of decay they often form the most lasting record of an individuals existence 12A Guide to the TextThe goal of forensic osteology often involves identification of an unknown individualIndividuation The process of personally identifying the remains of the recently dead individual The forensic osteologist first ascertains whether the remains are human and then begins to
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