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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 for lecture 12 (p.400-412)

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Rosa Da Silva

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Lecture 20Chapter Notesp 400412126Myelin increases propagation speed a lot and diameter affects it but not as dramatically Axon diameter imp bc ions need to move through cytosol the larger the diameter the lower the resistance Cytosolresistance than plasma membraneDiameter Myelination Propagation Function Communication analogy speed Type A fibers 420 um largest 120 msec Carry sensory info Instant messenger about position balance and delicate touch and pressure sensations to CNSmotor neurons use it too Deliver URGENT info Type B fibers 24 um smallest 18 msec Carry info to and Email from CNSinfo about temp pain and general touchpressure sensationsgive info to smooth and cardiac muscle and glands LESS urgentmotor commands relayed Type C fibers Less than 2 um unmyelinated 1m sec Same as type B Snail mail One third of all axons myelinated Information conduction time and available space Messages delivered according to priorityiesensory for survivaltype A 127NS message move from locations by APs along axons needs to be propogated by axon and another cellsynapse AP passes from presynatpic neuronto postsynaptic neuron diff types like neuromuscular junction in skeletal muscle fiberProperties of a Synapse Electrical Synapse Chemical Synapse Presynapticpost synaptic mems lockedgap Cells not directly coupled so more variable junctions Connexonsallow ions to pass bw cells May or may not propogate to the next cell depends on transmembrane potential of 1 impact the other threshold depends on other factors
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