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Lisa Trentin

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Lesson 25 - Latin Suffixes II May-29-13 8:18 PM Suffixes: 1. -ic, -tic: pertaining to, like (-icus, -ticus) 2. -ary: pertaining to, connected with, having the character of (-arius) 3. -an, -ane: pertaining to, like, belonging to, having the character of (-anus) 4. -form: like, having the shape of (-formis) BASES: PELV-: pelvis CIV-: citizen MILIT-: soldier LITER-: literature URB-: city VETER-: old REN-: kidney MUR-: wall OV-: egg 1. AQU(A)-: water (aqua) 2. BREV-: short (brevis) 3. CAPILL-: hair (capillus) 4. COLL
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