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CLA201 Lesson 21 - Latin Bases and Prefixes.pdf

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Lisa Trentin

Lesson 21 - Latin Bases and Prefixes May-29-13 10:30 AM Problemsconnected with Latin prefixes 1. Assimilation:When a prefix is used before certain consonants in a base, the last consonant of a prefix becomesthe same as the first consonant of a base. Similarly, a final n in a prefix becomesm before p or b in a base 2. Occasionally the base itself may exhibit a slight change in form when a prefix is added Prefixes: in-: on, not re-: again ex-: out, from ob-: against sub-: under 1. ab-, a-, abs-: away from, from (never assimilated) 2. ad-, ac-, ag-…: to, toward, near Appears as a- usually before -sc-, -sp-, or -st- (infrequent). It is generally safe to assume that a- is a form of ab-: away 3. ambi-, ambo-: both, around 4. ante-: before, in front of 5. circum-, circu-: around 6. con-, com-, co-…: with, together, very 7. contra-, contro-: opposite, against (through French, counter-) 8. de-: down, away, off, thoroughly 9. dis-, di-, dif-: apart, in different directions, thoroughly Suffixes: -esc(e): to become -ent: -ing -al: pertaining to -ity: state of -ile -ible BASES:
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