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Latin VS Greek Bases.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Daniel Thornton

English Greek Latin 1. Back NOT- DORS- 2. Blood HEM-, HEMAT- [HAEM-, HAEMAT-] SANGUI[N]- 3. Brain enCEPHAL- CEREBR- 4. Branch CLAD- RAM- 5. Cheek GENY- BUCC-, MAL- 6. Chin GENI- MENT- 7. Crest LOPH-, LOPHI- CRIST- 8. Disease NOS-, PATH- MORB- 9. Dog CYN- CAN- 10. Dry XER- SICC- 11. Dust CONI- PULVER-, PULV- 12. Egg OO- OV- 13. Excrement COPR- STERCOR-, STERC-,FEC- 14. Eye OPTHALM- OCUL- 15. Eyelid BLEPHAR- CILI- 16. Fever PYREX- FEBR- 17. Flower ANTH- FLOR- 18. Hair TRICH- [THRIX-] CAPILL- 19. Hard SCLER- DUR- 20. Head CEPHAL- CAPIT- [-CIPIT-] 21. Heart CARDI- CORD- 22. Heavy BARY- GRAV- 23. Horn KERAT-, CERAT-, KER-, CER- CORN[U]- 24. Horse HIPP- EQU- 25. Joint ARTHR- ARTICUL- 26. Kidney NEPHR- REN- 27. Leaf PHYLL- FOLI- 28. Light PHOT- LUC- 29. Many POLY- MULT- 30. Middle MES- MEDI- 31. Milk GALACT-, GALA- LACT- 32. Mouth STOM-, STOMAT- BUCC- 33. Name ONYM- NOMIN-, NOM- 34. Neck TRACHEL- COLL- 35. Old PRESBY- SEN-, [SENEX] 36. Pus PY- PUR- 37. Ray ACTIN- RADI- 38. Rib PLEUR- COST- 39. Ring GYR- ANNUL- 40. Rock PETR- SAX- 41. Root
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