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Chapter 3

ENV250Y5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Environmental Policy

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Andrea Olive

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Ch 3
Policy making in Canada is a complicated process with a variety of actors entering
and exiting the process at various times.
A straightforward, simplistic description is that environmental law is made by our
elected officials and implemented by our bureaucracy.
But, as should be clear, the process is rarely straightforward, and, even when it is,
numerous outside influences affect policy, including media, interest groups, and
Policy can be regulatory, voluntary, or economic, and it can impact behavior
directly or affect the overall process of how a rule is carried out.
Each level of government- the national government, the provincial governments,
and, to a lesser extent, the territorial governments- has the power to create
environmental policy.
The next chapter provides an overview of the history of the enviroenmntal
movement in Canada.
This chapter sets the context for understanding how enviroenmtnal problems
developed and why wildlife, pollution, and climate change continue to be pressing
issues across the country.
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