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FSC239 January 9 th Ch. 21 – pgs 407 to 436 Firearm and Tool Mark Examinations - automatic and semi-automatic weapons function in 3 ways: o 1. blowback: the fired cartridge pushes the breechblock backward against a spring o 2. recoil: the barrel of the weapon and its breechblock recoil a short distance together o 3. gas piston: a small amount of the propellant gases passes through a small hole in the barrel into a gas piston Types of Firearms Handguns - designed to be held in and fired with one hand Revolvers - cartridges are held in firing chambers in a rotating cylinder o single action: manually cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger o double action: fired by a long trigger pull Semiautomatic Pistols - cartridges are held in a magazine and loaded sequentially into the pistol from the top of the magazine Rifles - designed to be held in 2 hands when being fired from the shoulder Lever and Slide Action Magazine Repeaters - lever: a lever blow the weapon’s receiver is dropped to move the breechblock to the rear and cock the firing mechanism - slide: a slide under the barrel is moved to the rear to extract and eject the expended cartridge and cock the firing mechanism Bolt-Action Magazine Repeaters Single Shot Rifles Semiautomatic Rifles Other Rifles - double rifles, combination rifles, are sporting rifles with 2 rifled barrels or one rifled barrel and one shotgun barrel Shotguns - smoothbore firearms designed to be held in both hands when fired - commonly used to fire pellet loads rather than single projectiles Slide and L
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