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Chapter 28


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University of Toronto Mississauga
Helen Hatton

Ch 28World War II 193945 Hitler grew impatient and went on to annex Austria through rigged votes Czechoslovakia and Poland were next resistance against German forces was spreading in Europe Allied victory through Soviets patriotism and US aid racism and antiSemitism persisted Nazi racial policies Aggression and Conquest Hitler wanted to expand eastward towards Russia the French British and Americans underestimated the Nazi party and what they were capable of the Axis PowersGermany Italy and Japan vs the Grand AllianceBritain Soviet Union US Japans economy depended on Manchuria and China both wanted to cut off ties with Japan Japan retaliated and attacked to conquerthe Grand Alliance was interested in China too and wanted to protect it for idealogical economic and security purposes Asia vs Europe Hitler wanted to avoid fighting Britain at all costs he only wanted to fight Russia his socalled reason was to abolish communism it was for living space demanded that Germans in Czech be freed but real goal was to cripple the Czech state because it was an obstacle to their move east Britain convinced France and Czech who were allies to hand Sudentenland over to Germany felt it was the only solution and way to appease Germany for the damage of WWI Britain had a secret agenda too selfservingit did not want to start another war like 19141918 September 29 1938meeting at Munich to avert war between France Bri
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