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Malavika Kasturi

7 November The Advent of Gandhi 191842 1 The Congress and Gandhi Legacies and New Developments 1A Significance of Gandhis Congress Mass phase of anticolonial struggleDevelopment of political visionstrategies goalsBoycottnoncooperation nonviolenceorganized mass movements Unifyingoppositional forces 2Gandhi and the Mass Phase of Indian Nationalism 2A Gandhi Early Politics in a Diasporic Public Sphere Agitated against apartheid in South Africa 18931915Elaborated vision strategiesHind Swaraj 1908Political campaigns in India 1915 onwardsLocal peasantlabour movements2BPhases of Gandhian Movements Rowlatt Satyagraha 19181920 President of CongressNonCooperationKhilafat Movement 192022NonCooperation IIThe Salt Satyagraha 192734Congress Provincial Ministries 193738Quit India Movement 1942 Gandhi Quit India Resolution 1942 India will attain her freedom through her nonviolent strength and will retain it likewiseIt is not difficult to understand the simple principle of nonviolent cooperation First we may not bend the knee to an aggressor or obey any of his orders Second we may not bear him any malice nor wish him ill Third if he wishes to take
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