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Rebellion of the 18571857inaugurated the second phase of colonial rule in the subcontinentWhat happenedA military and civil rebellion Started with a mutiny by Bengal Army 18571858 the subcontinent started to go out of their control Long history of army mutiny due to payment racisimetc EICeast india companyrifles were made up of pigbeef and contradicted with their religious beliefs Ended with noncooperation The upper part of the india had the most part of the rebellionMyths of causationnot a religious war Poverty of artisans weavers Customs and traditions displacement by ECIElite leadership and subordinate groups Took part in the struggle after 1858Trigger factor long and short termsLong term colonial modernityCreation of a sovereign state that described spatial boundaries similar to that of the Europeans Railways or postal systemAgrarian state was part of the colonial state Farmers were forced to grow a certain crops that were more profitablePolitical dislocation in the subcontinent the colonial subjects had no rights to ask By 1857 the ideological and racial underpin was clear Aryans were replaced by civilization backwardness language of colonialracial difference Colonial modernity was a disconnect Brought about REGIONAL PATRONISM not NATIONALISM AGE of imperialism and the immediate factor is act of political privileges Lord Dalhousie is in British was seen as the heros of the colonial state The doctrine of lapseAll those princes who dies without heirs or there was a disputation among the rule came under the control of the ECI Used to expand territories Most noticeably AwadhPunjab The military rebellion was a civil rebellion too with a social base Pa
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