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Murder in the MaquiladorasMaquiladoras American owned transnational factories Incidents of violence against women in Ciudad Juarez the heavy industrialization on the border Mexico due to 1993 NAFTA 19942000 300 girls killed 13 of these were Maquiladoras workers This worker little education migrant from poorer region of the countryDocument Senorita Extraviada by Portillo of American companies selling US consumer goods this Juarez is the failed free trade problem race to the bottom of the wage scales huge profits for investors and race to pay their workers as little as possible The film focuses on a young women who never returned home how the governor blamed what she was wearing the documentary portrays this problem as a systematic failure of law enforcementspolitical systems journalist Diane Valdez blames the corruption Important factor overlooked the relationship between systematic violence against womenthe changes in the social environment of the city that have allowed such violence to occur The rapid industrialization has introduced multinational corporations w Mexican officials disregard healthsafety needs of Mexican females who work in the Maquiladoras Dont care to have their employees have somewhere to sleep be safe etc The Juarez murders arean extreme manifestation of the systematic patterns of abuse harassementviolence against women who work in the maquiladoras treatment that is a by product of the privelegeslack of regulation enjoyed by investors who employ them under NAFTA1Juarez murders is a systematic abuse agai
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