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Chapter 9

MGM101H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9: Flextime, Job Analysis, Equal Pay For Equal Work

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Human Resources Management: Finding and Keeping Best Employees
Human resource management (HRM): process of determining human resources needs and
then recruiting, selecting, developing, motivating, evaluating, compensating, and scheduling
employees to achieve organizational goals
Determining Human Resources Needs
1. Preparing human resources inventory of organization’s employees – inventory includes
age, name, education, training, specialized skills, etc
2. Preparing Job Analysis – (job analysis: study of what is done by employees who hold
various job titles) results in 2 written statements : job description (specifies objectives of
job, type of work to be done, responsibilities and duties, working conditions, relationship
of job to other functions) AND job specifications (written summary of minimum
qualifications required of workers to do particular job)
3. Assessing Future Human Resources Demand: changes in tech requires constant
training of employees – managers anticipate organization’s requirements identified in
forecasting process and ensure training people is done when needed
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4. Assessing Future Human Resources Supply: labour force constantly shifting – likely to
be shortage/oversupply of workers
5. Establishing Strategic Plan: plan must address recruitment, selection, training,
evaluation, etc – to do this HR department must have upper management support for its
acceptance and implementation
Recruitment : set of activities used to obtain sufficient number of right people at right
There are legal practices/laws that protect workers
Selecting Employees Who Will
Be Productive
Selection : process of
gathering information and
deciding who should be
hired, under legal
guidelines, for best
interests of individual and
Selection Process
oObtaining Complete Application Forms
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